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And it also includes the concept of daily planning around those goals are the greatest worth. That sounds great. A lot of us will be pleased to get to that point where we schedule everything rigidly. But guess what, as Kevin says, while the third generation has made a significant contribution, people began to realize that efficient schedule scheduling or scheduling and control of time are often counterproductive.

The efficiency focus creates expectations that class with rich relationships, human needs and spontaneous moments. As a result, many people have become turned off by the time management programs and planets. But in the end, all these approaches are just a bit too rigid for me and I tend to shy away from them. So we need a different way of doing things which will come to later. This is the time management matrix, I believe originally created by or popularized by Eisenhower, who was of course a hyper successful man in the sense that he was a general, the United States in the Second World War.

And then of course, the president as well, as was called so very great personal to learn from the two factors in this tip time management matrix, which is a two by two matrix.

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So four quadrants four little squares within a bigger square or rectangle. The two factors that define an activity are urgent and important. And if you were to write on a piece of paper, urgent means it requires immediate action and urgent things, by the way, acts upon us so we we react to them. Whereas important things, on the other hand, have to do with results.

It contributes to your mission, your values are high priority goals. And those are things that we have to be much more productive to achieve. In other words, we need to make a conscious decision and stick to it in the face of other pressures of we react to urgent matters. I find that so so, so true. But I managed to keep myself in action by having a business coach by having communities by being accountable to my clients by being accountable to the customers who buy Amazon products, etc, etc.

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In other words, getting into motion is hard. Staying emotion is easier, but I just think the most important thing in the world is to make a decision about what is important to you. I wish I could remember second name. Sorry, Kevin. But you got the idea. So I think there is something in that. So very tricky, in a way that thing. But I would say you can square that circle, very simply just be very, very committed to a medium term, go give yourself six months or a year, go like crazy at it and then review.

So you will. But you certainly can do it quicker than that for sure. So went off on on one day.

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So the time management matrix consists of four quadrants of four little squares within a big one. It deals with significant results that require immediate attention. We all have some crises in our lives, but quadrant one consumes that many people, they are the crisis managers, problem minded people and deadline driven producers. And as long as you focus on project one, it keeps getting bigger and bigger and till it dominates you.

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And I am often guilty of this kind of thing. And that is something I believe in and trying to live that life and to help other people to live it, that that was a productive thing to start the podcast. Reality is the urgency of matters is often based on the priorities and expectations of others. Another excellent book, but just a different take on a lot of the same topics really, but but quite a lot of similar conclusions.

The classic thing would be do not start your day with email. But one of the other things is do not start your day by checking Facebook, which I actually did today. I very rarely do that. To be fair to myself, it put me in a terrible mood because I could see people that I thought were mediocre, succeeding, because going on about politics I disagreed with.

And the rest of it was just kind of largely a waste of time or people showing how rich they were. And quadrant four neither important or urgent, lead irresponsible lives. Effective people stay out of quadrant three and four, because urgent or not, they are not important. They also shrink quadrant one downsize by spending more time in quadrant two. In other words, being proactive.

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But one of the things I want to talk about is why we end up in quadrant four, why was I checking Facebook? Why do I end up watching YouTube videos when I could be working? Why do I end up goofing off or going for a snooze when I should be working well as because we feel overwhelmed. And I think a lot of the time we feel overwhelmed. And instead of that, we need to think about this habit one which is being proactive.

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Number one that bad mood dictates reality. Well, the truth is all of them. And this is just my personal take on it. I have some weeks long, grossly unproductive, frankly, but I still managed to move business forward, because the things that I do get done are effective. Another quote springs to mind from an old business coach, my damn Bradbury, who got it from somewhere else, the imperfect action beats perfect in action, every time.

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So coming back to quadrant two, this is the non urgent but important stuff. To paraphrase Peter Drucker, effective people are not problem minded, that opportunity minded, they feed opportunities are still problems, they think preventively. Before we go too much further, let me just reflect on this building relationships absolutely critical. My experience of success in business has been that relationships are right at the heart of it then on extra. Now the relationship with the supplier is based on volume.

So there is a sort of chicken and egg thing here. You want to get a great relationship with a Chinese supplier. If you want a great relationship with a Chinese seller, you need to buy a lot of stuff from them. If you get good products out there, you got a good relationship with your customers. And then of course it starts a positive cycle.

And be you have a plan in place for launch to do way better. People are not problem minded, that opportunity minded.

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Some people are naturally more opportunity minded. For the rest of us, myself included. So you have to retrain your brain to some extent to try and see opportunities rather than just problems. Again, being around the right people having the right peer group is critical for that if you are surrounded by employees, who are trained just to solve problems, but not really look for opportunities, and are free to pursue them. If they see them indeed, then you need to get a new peer group. But I mean, you need to least hang around with people with the right mentality enough that some of it rubs off on you.