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For those of you with family in the military, do y'all send long messages to one another, sometimes going at great length to ask a question in the middle of them, like this email? I liked this very much. A letter between two of the towering intellects of the modern age that is still so accessible and packed with information puts all those fucking content-free PowerPoint info sinks right in their goddamned place.

I also appreciated that it wasn't walled off in scribd or something. I was able to, you know, read the text in a relaxing and "natural" manner. This sounds to me like what we now call the Busy Beaver problem. It's not. Godel is asking, what's the fastest program that can tell if a first order predicate logic formula is provable?

The Gödel Letter

Maybe you were confused by the 'max', but what he's doing is defining the complexity of the prover by the hardest max computational time formula instance for each length n. You still try to handle that maximum difficulty case as efficiently as possible, it just happens to take the longest. For what it's worth, Lipton writes an excellent blog. Well worth adding to your RSS.

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