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Cristina insists that it's just a nomination and she has a lot of work to do. She really doesn't want to make a big deal of it.

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Arizona and Owen panic and try to stop Cristina from going through the door, saying they'll go get breakfast, but she already has the chips she took from Ivy. She goes through the door and sees a crowd with champagne congratulating her. Meredith organized a champagne toast for her. Richard talks to the residents, trying to inspire them about the work around the hospital.


Groundbreaking things are happening all around them. He brings up Derek and Callie's trial and Jo's excited about that. There's no response, so he asks Stephanie about it. She was on Bailey's service yesterday and tells Richard that she didn't do anything.

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She just stared at her computer screen. Richard says it's not nothing. She's thinking, building up to that big moment where she'll get it.

Shane says it was like that with him and Yang, staring at computer screens, but then they started doing things. Stephanie starts saying his name and he figures out that she's about to pull swap monkey. She says she wasn't going to and gets Leah and Jo to back her up on that, but he got too big for his britches. He says he's not doing anything interesting, but she still calls swap monkey and sends him to work with Dr.

Meredith tells Keith Kalber and Marty that she knows they've been through it before, but they need to go through it again.

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Leah has Keith state his name and acknowledge that he knows that he's receiving a kidney from someone infected with HIV. He says he was there the day Marty was diagnosed.

The Anatomy of A Winning Team - Soccerex Europe 2019

She talks about the risks and he still wants to proceed. Then she tells Marty that the risk of donation are similar to any major surgery and that mortality rates are very low. He asks how low and Meredith tells him a percentage. Keith reminds Marty that he's beaten worse odds and Marty nods. Jo is sitting with her head in the MEG while Derek explains how they're going to use it.

They're using Jo to get a baseline with which to compare their patients. They start the scan and show her pictures. She has a negative reaction to a shark, which is expected. Then they change the picture to a cat and are surprised when the reaction is still negative. Jo hates cats. They change the picture. She also hates the beach. Callie gets a page about an ortho case in the ER and that causes Jo's pleasure center to light up.

Mourinho: Further Anatomy of a Winner by Patrick Barclay

Callie tells Derek she turned Jo on to ortho a few weeks ago and asks Jo if she wants to go set the break by herself, which Jo does enthusiastically. Callie says she likes their new toy. Shane comes into Bailey's lab and Bailey asks if he got kicked down to the B-team. She tells him that genome sequencing is the future of medicine.

She asks if he wants to save lives or wants to go to award ceremonies. She says she's proud of Yang because she trained her. Meredith comes in and says that Marty and Keith are ready. Bailey is doing the retrieval while Meredith does the transplant, the fancier half. Cristina is on the phone with Stanford as Frankie jumps rope behind her. Cristina tells them about Link's case, but they're more interested in her trial.

The Anatomy of Winning

She tries to get back to Link's case, saying he'd be an excellent candidate for compassionate release. Link starts to decline, so she drops the phone. After a few seconds, Frankie picks up the phone and tells them Cristina can't talk. Link was supposed to have another week, but he's clotting even on heparin.

Owen says they need to get the artificial heart, but Cristina tells him the FDA said no. Now they have to wait and hope UNOS calls soon. Meredith and Leah come to get Marty ready for his surgery, but he says he can't do it. He beat huge odds and many of their friends have died. He's been healthy for a long time, so he's gotten cocky and he's scared he'll be in that small percent who die. Meredith asks if he's told Keith. He says that Keith was so excited when the law changed and Marty was a perfect match.

He doesn't know how to tell his friend he won't save his life. Meredith lies to Keith and says the screening was misread and Marty's not a suitable donor. Keith has to go back on dialysis and the transplant list. Keith says he's spent years fighting HIV and now that's in check, he's going to die of kidney disease.

Marty says he's sorry and Keith tells him it's not his fault. Callie is now in the scanner. Derek asks her about her job, her wife, her daughter. He asks if she's happy and she says extremely. Then he asks her if she wants to participate in the trial. She says yes and he says no.

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He says according to the scan, she's depressed. She objects, saying she's not depressed. He shows her the kitten, but the scan still says no. He turns off the scanner while she continues to insist that she's happy.