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What makes Mr. West of interest today is not only its fluid and diverse forms of artistic representation but also its engagement with American silent comedy and action cinema designed to integrate those levels of fantasy and reality that cinema constantly explores. But entertainment is not always harmless.

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It can be ideologically influenced as well as related to a reality it may seek escape from 2. West combines both levels. The final segment of the film lacks the vitality of preceding scenes in its attempt to impose its Soviet version of a Hollywood happy ending, attempting to erase contradictions in a cohesive manner. Cline, and College James W. Horne, , where the failure of romantic love and lifelong domestic penal servitude leading to the grave become grim realistic conclusions.

The real Russia in the climax of Mr.

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West does not contain such dismal implications. But, like those two Keaton films, comic fantasy leaves the stage and a different form of narrative depiction occurs suggesting that the joke is over and contemporary reality will now take centre stage. It is by no means accidental that Harold Lloyd is the model for Mr. West rather than Chaplin or Keaton.

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As Kerr notes, the Lloyd persona is as much a mask as those worn by Chaplin and Keaton but one more related to contemporary social reality:. The glasses were, after all, the saving grace.

They masked and justified, the nakedness of the aggression. It had already begun to sense that, in making the world safe for democracy, it had fumbled the beautiful dream at the conference table, had been no match for wilier men. Like Eisenstein, the Revolution radicalised him artistically and politically. By the time he directed Mr. West , Kuleshov was ready to begin a film combining the appropriation of American cinematic techniques and a mechanised theory of screen acting that owed much to Constructivism.

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West himself, fantasies Jug and his gang intend to take full economic advantage of. They are also grotesque versions of the neurasthenic behaviour of the young heroine of In Pursuit of Happiness who clings to an illusory fantasy.

It is as if psychoanalysis was discovering the Constructivist man in the paranoiac and schizophrenic almost simultaneously with the theorists and practitioners of art. The same may be said of comedic performance. As Kevin Brownlow points out, several anti-Bolshevik films appeared in this period such as Bolshevism on Trial Harley Knoles, , adapted from Comrades and written by the author of the original novelistic source for The Birth of a Nation D.

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Under these changed circumstances, Mr. Small's Big Book of Doodles Mr. Roger Hargreaves' son Adam asked him what a tickle looked like. In response, Roger drew a small orange man with extraordinarily long arms that could reach anywhere and tickle anyone.

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Mr Tickle, the first of the Mr Men, was born. The books were an instant hit and Roger went on to create many more Mr Men and Little Miss characters. What Roger really wanted was to make children laugh, which is probably why his own favourite character is Mr Silly. Currently out of stock Delivery Days. Notify Me. Product Details.

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