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That gorgeous, enormous, bezel-free OLED screen: scratched beyond comprehension.

Did Apple sacrifice some quality control as it was rushing out the first iPhone X orders? Is it just my fault?

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The first scratch appeared on my iPhone X screen just a few days after I bought it. It was small, shallow, but clearly visible in the center of the screen. In the weeks that followed, more and more micro-abrasions appeared as if through sorcery. Then came a fan of deep scratches on the bottom left on the screen, deep enough that I could feel them with my finger and see them when the display was on.

But first, a quick story.

The latest scratch is even deeper and mars that cute little slice of screen next to the notch. I just feel annoyed and confused that the thing is so fragile. There are countless threads on Reddit and other forums featuring disgruntled iPhone X owners who are similarly perplexed about how easily their screens scratch.

One person claims that their iPhone X was covered in hairline scratches when it came out of the box. The list of complaints goes on and on.

Former detention officer arrested on rape charges, covered in scratches in mug shot

In my case, it feels precious to let myself get worked up over what amount to cosmetic flaws on my very expensive new phone. Project 5 Clone Wars Create a game in which you have to save the Earth from space monsters. Scratch Module 3.

Project 1 CATS! Guide the cats to safety by creating a safe path to the exit. Project 2 Flower Generator Generate flowers to create a patterned backdrop image or screensaver.

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Project 3 Guess the Flag Create a quiz to test your flag knowledge. Project 4 Lineup Create a game to find a character amongst a sea of other characters. Project 5 Flappy Parrot Fly a parrot between pipes without hitting them.

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Project 6 Binary Hero Score points by playing the notes of a song as they scroll down the stage. Additional Projects.

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Project 1 Tech Toys Learn how to code your own tech toys! Project 2 Username Generator Generate awesome usernames that you can use online. Project 3 Green Your City Control your toy helicopter to water flowers in a city. Project 4 Synchronised Swimming Celebrate the Olympics by programming a synchronised swimming routine. I see it in elementary school classrooms, I see it in middle schools, and I see it in high schools. There are certainly other tools that are used to teach programming in K12 classrooms across NYC and across the country and the world.

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But it can get the student going, excited, productive, and hooked. And that is the biggest step. So while I am honored to be recognized this evening for the work we are doing in NYC and around the country, I want to make sure that everyone knows that our work would be impossible without the fundamental building blocks that have been put in place over the last years, and Scratch is right up there at the top of that list. So thank you to the Scratch Foundation for this honor but mostly thank you for doing what you do and let us all help them keep doing that.

A picture tells the entire story. March 30, — hacking education , hacking philanthropy.