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Windows Mac iPhone Android. That was why we did not cook that day and that was a good excuse to drop by the Ramadhan bazaar that I went to quite a lot last year — the one at Bandong here to pick up some things for dinner…and of course, I told them specifically not to buy anything in polystyrene containers.

Once, twice, three times –[Multimedia-English videos]

I did drive there once but it was kind of dark and we were early — they did not look like they had started their business for the day so we just drove away. Right now, that place is undergoing renovations — hopefully, it will be nicer once the job gets done. According to the very nice and friendly guy, it should be ready after Hari Raya. The lamb was very good, very nice and tender but the beef was a bit hard so that took away a bit of the enjoyment, unfortunately.

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I was rather disappointed that they did not have any ketupat nor did they give any complimentary cut cucumber and shallots that one might get elsewhere. It has been around like…forever so obviously, business must be good to keep it going all this while. Incidentally, if I am not wrong, they are open even on ordinary days, not just for this Ramadhan bazaar.

These were the packs of ayam berempah spiced chicken with rice and pickles…. I thought the chicken was nicer than the ones my missus bought for me and for herself RM8. That sure brought the taste to a whole new level, very nice! So, at the time of writing, I had gone once…and I had gone twice.

Stick around! Ancient relic but very young at heart.

13 Things I've Learned From Being Married 3 Times

Enjoys food and cooking View all posts by suituapui. Happy holidays to you and your family! I think here there is a directive not to use the white polystyrene containers but many are still using except one or two stalls. I guess you did go a third time. The one that I use to frequent at Bandong here is all right, they use the flimsy cardboard paper boxes, dunno the one at the town centre…or elsewhere.

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It was at the one outside of town in front of the army camp here, the wives and family of those soldiers, I guess — most of them used those polystyrene containers. The general public should work together and boycott any seller anywhere anytime who still uses those, should not leave it to the authorities alone.

Just Once, Once More, Three Times

It has been donkey years since I last visited the Ramadhan Bazaar. Same over here, most of the sellers are turn a deaf ear on the ban of polystyrene containers. The spiced chicken looks great. Is there a ban in Kuching too? I did hear of it being implemented in a couple of states in West Malaysia, just a few, not all. Maybe those army wives at that camp out of town did not know of the ban here?

I also lazy this year, i like the otah sold at the Beach Road area Ramadhan Bazaar, they sold it once a year only, i went once only this year, so have to wait next year to eat it again…. Beach Road?

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We would know more or less the good ones so we would just go to those, and give the rest a skip. But when it comes to satay, somehow I am not all that fond of chicken.

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But on Saturday, Brighton were everything that Spurs were not; energetic, confident, decisive and clinical in taking their chances. Only once in their 11 games this season have Spurs truly impressed and that was a win over Crystal Palace in mid-September. When you consider that just five months ago Spurs lined up to play in the Champions League final against Liverpool the slide has been dramatic and speculation about the future of Coach Mauricio Pochettino is now a very hot topic.

After finishing 5th in the Premier League in his first season back in , Pochettino has taken Spurs into the Champions League for four straight seasons after finishing 3rd twice, 4th last season and runners-up to Chelsea in The season was peak Premier League Spurs with the team collecting 86 points scoring 86 goals, allowing just 26 and losing just four games. The team was young, powerful, full of running and it simply out pressed many of their Premier League opponents.

Once, Twice, Three Times A Crazy

The formula was not nearly as successful in Europe. Spurs failed to qualify from the Champions League group stage and exited in the first knock out round of the Europa League. Fast forward two seasons and you find that Spurs reached the Champions League final with a very different approach. The high-octane Spurs of was replaced by a more pragmatic version - more quick counter attacks and looking to profit from the size and strength of squad player Fernando Llorente in the knock out rounds.

By last season Spurs were not pressing nearly as much or with the same energy and it showed in their results.

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With a start of 11 points from 8 games this season it has been a miserable Premier League for Spurs.