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Amworth," by E. And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Megapack" to see other volumes in this series, from westerns to science fiction to ghost stories to mysteries And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see more entries in this series, covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more!

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More featuring werewolves. See more. Montague Summers. Many of the horror stories of monsters and ghouls, particularly those dating back to the s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. Richard A. Lisa is a year-old girl with all the worries of any normal girl beginning the transition to womanhood. She's frightened by the changes happening to her body--the budding breasts, the stiff black hairs that appear on the back of her hands, and the way her nails twist to look like claws during the full moon.

Is this normal? Why is she so different from everyone else? Scott A. Culp says: "A good book Adam Warrington is a young man from a repressive plant in the grasp of fundamental Puritanism. Then he's accepted by the University of Sol on Mars, and his great adventure begins. On the way there his spaceship is hijacked by a disgruntled noble who wants to overthrow the emperor, and Adam is forced to choose sides.

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A grand tale in the tradition of Robert A. Tombley's Walk. They were looking for a little privacy. They never returned. The Frenzy Wolves. Gregory Lamberson. You know, the smoldering, moody, self-sacrificial, tragic crap.

Had this been a paper book, it would have gotten pitched against the wall about half way through. I have no intention to wrecking my laptop for a cheap ebook, no matter how badly I wanted to stick a knife through the screen. The weakest entry in the series, until book 6 with enough melodrama to fuel a month of soap operas. You have no idea how hard I was pulling for Charley and Reyes.

I feared I was doomed to disappointment.

I was right and man, does that make me sad. Eye roll. Reyes is now the cook there, Cookie, her PI business associate and best friend, a waitress, Detective Uncle Bob — all with obvious variations on their names and none willing to tell her about her past because she must remember on her own. No, I am not making this crap up. Mr Wong has that handled. And after several hundred pages, the evil demon inhabiting the body of the man who tormented Reyes and his sister comes back and kidnaps her and yes, hauls her off to a spooky house. Not a single tear. People retaining some semblance of sanity will go WTF?

I simply cannot reconcile the contradictions in the supposed powers of the characters and the pedestrian troubles that they should easily fixed. These persistent contradictions in logic just cannot be ignored. Let me amend that. I cannot ignore them.

Apparently fans have unlimited tolerance for such things. Long sigh. Time to wrap this up Ms Jones. I will be a contrarian and give Ninth Grave a C- 2.

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The hardcover is very overpriced even at a discount given the short length of the book. The ebook is insanely over-priced as well. If Eighth Grave put you on the fence — get it from your library for free or wait for a used book discount in a couple of months. Regardless, spend as little as possible. Alyssa Day is famous for her paranormal romance books featuring Atlantis and an alternate version of our world where vampires attempted a takeover of the US.

Jack left Dead End 10 years ago and was involved in the vampire wars.

Timeline of Werewolf Fiction Books – Werewolves Through History

Tess has a gift too. Like witches and shifters, such gifts are not uncommon in Dead End. She also learns that he was one of the two top people leading the rebellion. Jack is also a really nice guy — but bossy. Although it is tangential to her other series, you do NOT need to have read them to follow this book as works as the start of a new a different series, but it does help to fill in the background. The plot, unfortunately, was obvious and the characters, especially Tess, lacked depth.

It just came off shallow on all key elements. A miss-able series, but fun for those who like paranormal mystery in the Sookie Stackhouse style, just shorter.