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This play explores the difficulty of one teenager's search for identity and confidence amidst the trolls and trials of a modern American high school experience. Richard Manley of San Francisco has been writing plays for adults and teenagers for almost ten years. Nine full-length plays and four one-acts have been produced in Manhattan and on both coasts. His themes celebrate the lonely people, those who struggle to feel relevant in an ever more impersonal world fight, but who, through it all, are able to remain curious and to live their lives with a degree of grace.

Gyssling succeeds until war is declared and the movie is needed to buck up the allies.

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When a solitary Sailor approaches the dock, the town elects to send Aideen, a year-old widow, to liaison with him. What follows is a game of cat-and-mouse between two youths whose connection moves from compassion, to infatuation, to devastation. Aleks Merilo of Portland, OR is a playwright and drama teacher there. Now, after many years of sequestered living in Coral Gables, Florida, she has a collection of short stories ready for publication.

Her daughter is determined to see the stories published, and has arranged a meeting with a literary agent from New York. But the elderly mother tends to wander off the subject, and could unwittingly reveal secrets that might unravel their carefully crafted facade. Brian Raine of Burbank, CA has more than thirty years working in all phases of live theatre administration, including production budgeting, theatre management, marketing, advertising, special events promotion, subscription and sales.

The author of 17 plays, he is at present working on a biography of Broadway composer Albert Hague, and a marketing work, Keep the Line Moving, addressing today's shifting audiences and way to hold them for the bows.

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Howe Dulle Museum is about to unveil their latest find--a mysterious mummy named Yo-Wut-Sup--and everyone wants to get their hands on him! A pushy reporter vows to prove Yo-Wut-Sup is a hoax. A wacky mystic intends to sneak him back to Egypt. Three high school students want to use him in their low-budget horror film.

And two clueless robbers plan to steal the mummy, if only they can figure out what one looks like. Can Melvin Trimble, the world's most cowardly security guard, stop them? Or will he be left taking the "wrap"? Five of his plays are published by Pioneer Drama Service. Kill the Critic! His tenth grade history project is about Alexander Hamilton. Cristian is amazed to learn that Hamilton as a teenager also came from the islands and attended school in New Jersey, At Liberty Hall he visits the Hamilton room where he hides a letter in a desk. When he tries to retrieve it, he finds a letter from young Hamilton in They become pen pals spanning centuries as they communicate dreams, politics, girlfriends.

Each boy is impacted by the other. This correspondence convinces Cristian to stay in school and, maybe, he might have a chance to apply to Princeton University. He is a member of The Dramatists Guild. Her publicist can hold the story from breaking for only two hours and sees a money making opportunity by quickly acquiring her image rights from her protective mother with a deceptive contract full of loopholes.

The two women, both headstrong, engage in a volatile meeting, but eventually soften. The outcome is an understanding that human relationships are much more important than show business and stardom, transcending even death. Jack Rushen of Stratford, CT is an actor, director, and playwright and celebrates more than 30 years working in stage, television, and film. Jack is a member of the Emerging Artists Theatre in New York City, where several of his comedies and dramas have been produced.

But this boy already has a father, who wants his son to follow in his footsteps as a union barber.

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Can Morry give the boy a chance at a better life? Or is it the boy who can do the same for Morry? A single-set comedy-drama about learning the meaning of kindness. Email: petersonplays gmail. With the economic odds stacked against her, she manages to rationalize her job writing terms papers for other wealthy students, including a lazy hockey player and a brilliant Chinese student who has not yet mastered English. So why is Tracy having difficulty sticking to the program? The question is whether, in a world of privilege and deprivation, is cheating all that bad when done to level a playing field that is supposed to be flat in the first place?

The Three Bears had their home broken into. The Three Little Pigs had their homes destroyed. Now Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother is missing. The crimes seem unrelated, at least if you listen to those shady Grimm brothers. Could an evil mastermind be behind them all?


Only hard-boiled detective Rumpelstiltskin can crack this case. Three of his plays are published by Pioneer Drama Service. The Butler Did It!

Martin Scorsese should be remembered for his maverick spirit, not his commercial failures

It is crucial that children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds encounter these issues that encourages acceptance of people of different ethnicities and economic status. Norman A. Bert has a strong interest in issues of poverty, equality,social justice, and ethnic diversity and is currently writing a collection of short plays for church use titled A New Corpus Christi.

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  4. He has also written documentary film scripts and has published five books. Email: nbert suddenlink. It is the week after Christmas, The Woodley family has been hammered by financial collapse. And yet they see hope because Grandmother is dying and will leave them a fortune. There is one problem. Inheritance tax rates surge at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, making it desirable for Grandmother to die now.

    What does a desperate family do? And, while we're at it, who else in the family is at risk once murder is considered? Affluence calls for six characters 2M4W , a single set, and a Christmas spirit gone awry.

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    US by Joe Sutton is a play about family. But it is also, very much, a play about a generation; a unique, ambitious, politically-engaged generation, the Baby Boomers, and their kids. The parents get scared. In this case, the parents are Mark and Mary. And after bombing out from college, their son Matt is now home with them. As much as they want to help him, what they really need to do is let go. It's a painful process; one that reveals in each of them enormous weakness; as well as enormous love.

    When not in rehearsal, Joe teaches playwriting at Dartmouth College. Email: jsut juno. In The Commission , Franklin tells the true story of the mysterious healer, Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, who inspired awe among the people and fear among the leaders of pre-Revolutionary France. Mesmer introduces an element of social turmoil that the established powers cannot permit.

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    Franklin agrees that Mesmer must be stopped. It is, Franklin confesses, a decision he has lived to regret.