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Finding evidence of 50 odd interments would be the impossible task.

Thanks for the putrid word vomit. But really, thanks for being a vile person who deigns to spit on the graves of the victims of hate crimes. Or maybe, just maybe, educate yourself and get some help. The only interesting thing about the premise of this article is the paragraph. Reports and indeed incidents are prevelant like this in America. Whilst Great Britain is not a police state, those who fight crime do not fight those who commit crime.

The two mass shootings in America over the weekend add fuel to the raging fire for the need for gun control. Whilst playing at infant school with friends and whilst always pretending to be Princess Leila from the film Star Wars, we played and did not fight the world around us but thought we were replicating a film, or if you will, make believe reality.

As every child I knew, I grew up watching the television and developed a keen eye for film and loved the escapism of the cinema. The ambience, the darkness, the unexpected and the sheer pleasure of it all.

When leaving the cinema, even as a teenager and whilst at college, I walked out feeling as if I were in a film. Back in the county I grew up in, the streets are entirely different.

Our Made in America Manifesto - Cabot Guns

Gangs are prevelant not just in the films that we watch at the cinema but are always represented on mainstream channels and the end is not always as it should be. The Americans believe in Freedom of Information whist they censor their films more so than the British. Titles are often changed to target a different audience. Whilst consumerism dictates the way in which we live, films are reflective of society as a whole.

Television and film, though their ideologies are repeated in cycles over the years, are reflective of the times in which we live. What is concerning more than the content of the article, is the fact that these weapons are in this country. With Brexit is currently being negotiated with the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the President of the United States of America Donald Trump, what is more alarming is the fact that not only are these weapons are being handed in but the fact that the police will examine a firearm if it links to a crime.

Our Made in America Manifesto

Whilst America toughened up security after September 11th in all airports, Britain seems to be experiencing what appears to be a surge in pre-planned terror. Yesterday, a flight resulted in passengers in an airplane being led to safety and the incident seems quite apocoliptic.

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Why was smoke filling the aircraft? Well the incident is obviously being investigated though the cause is yet unknown. The recent events in America happen in a country where the need for gun control is apparently up for discussion. What Britain need to do is open a debate on the rise of knife related incidents, heard only this morning on the radio. Whilst an amnesty is no bad thing, what about a discussion for tighter restrictions on boarder control, whether it be in this country or in America? Subscribe to our email list to receive a weekly selection of stories published by Bellingcat during the previous week, along with links to our favorite examples of open source research around the web.

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The Nazi stuff. Take the Nazi stuff seriously. Share this article :. Donate to Bellingcat! Reply Where can i view shooters footage?

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The El Paso shooting suspect showed no remorse or regret, police say

Can u send a link? Reply Thanks for the putrid word vomit. Confirmed Photo of the shooter as he entered the Cielo Vista Walmart store. It is more than miles away from Allen, the Dallas suburb where law enforcement said the suspect lived. David Stout, El Paso county commissioner, told the Guardian he was concerned about reports that some victims or relatives might be afraid to go to reunification centers or seek medical attention due to their immigration status.

El Paso Gunman Allegedly Posted ‘Wildly Anti-Immigrant' Essay Online - MSNBC

He said he had not directly heard these accounts, but was worried people might be deterred since there were border patrol agents involved in the response. After that shooting, media reports highlighted an Instagram post from an account with the same name as the alleged shooter, which referenced a lateth century white supremacist text and described mixed-race people in derogatory terms. Suspects in two previous white supremacist shootings, the Christchurch shooting, and an April shooting targeting synagogue in Poway, California , that left one person dead and three injured, both posted documents on 8chan before the attacks.

Those posts were made on Gab, a different extremist social network. Early reports suggested the gun used in the shooting was a rifle, but police could not immediately confirm the make or model of the weapon, police officials said.

Manifesto linked to El Paso gunman rails against ‘Hispanic invasion’ of Texas

The police chief said only one weapon had been identified. Since then it has regularly shown up in other corners of the rightwing web, including the main Trump subreddits and several popular Twitter accounts. Play Video. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.