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Review: I love the way that this piece takes a very unusual approach to the more fairy tale approach of talking musical instruments. How Jenny and her lover Molly both expect that when a talking instrument shows up it means that they are going to be exposed and punished for what they did. That there is some form of divine will that wants them to be found out. That, maybe, they want that as well, at least so they don't have to live with the worry and the guilt of it.

At least, they don't feel all that guilty about what they've done. They don't even necessarily regret it, though they both seem to regret that they were in circumstances where they did what they did. Where, for them, that was the right call. And I like that, because it recognizes that they see that what they did was "wrong," but also that they didn't have a great other option.

And that, in the grand scheme of things, punishment is inevitable.

It isn't required. It isn't even necessarily right, though they do feel bad about it all. But that, I feel, is the punishment they've earned. To carry the weight of what they've done. It's not something they cannot bear, after all, and I don't think that makes them terrible people.

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Rather, it leaves them having to find a way to be able to live with themselves, to try and make some kind of way forward, to face what they've done without necessarily throwing themselves on the "mercies" of the justice system. And I like where the story goes with that, aware of the burden they'll live with but also aware that they can live with it.

That they can move forward without having to either be dramatically punished or having to kill more people to cover up what they've done. They act according to their own consciences, and I think that works for them. At the very least it makes for a neat read that's fun and complex all at once! No Spoilers: La Orpheline is a young girl found by a theater troupe in a quasi-historical Paris.

Mute, she cannot tell anyone where she came from or who she really is, but she is taken in all the same and becomes an assistant seamstress. Her past, however, isn't something she can leave far behind, and when it shows up in the form of a man in one of the theater boxes, she is thrown into a situation where she'll have to navigate betrayal and danger to reach for the hope of freedom.

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The piece is told almost as a play, but more as a story around a play, very aware of its nature, narrated from the outside looking in with a feel almost like a shadow play or silent film. It's a strange but also hauntingly beautiful piece about cages and skins, about magic and desire, and about the will to be free. Tell us a little about yourself and about your work.

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