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The home group is the place where the individual member of Narcotics Anonymous has an opportunity to express his or her personal conscience in the development of our primary purpose on all levels of service. Rotation and Continuity of Trusted Servants Rotation is the practice many groups have of electing new people to service positions at set intervals rather than having the same person serve in the same position time after time.

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Rotation offers very definite benefits for the groups who practice it. By providing diversity in leadership, it helps a group to stay fresh and energetic. It provides assurance that no one individual exercise so much influence that the group becomes a mere extension of his or her personality. The practice of rotation also reinforces the NA emphasis on service rather than the servant.

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Consistent with our belief in the value of spiritual anonymity what s important is the job being done, not the particular person doing it. Occasionally some groups allow their members to serve more than one term of a given position so that the group can take advantage of its trusted servants experience. When group officers have completed their terms, rotation allows them to step aside.

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The impact of rotation on the stability of the group is balanced by the continuing presence of its long-term group members. Those who have served in the past as group officers and continue to maintain an active role in the life of the group can provide experience, strength and hope to a growing group s discussions.

They can also lend a hand to new officers and temporarily pitch in to relieve overloaded trusted servants. Conducting a Group Business Meeting The purpose of the group business meeting is fairly self-explanatory: to conduct the business of the group in such a way that the group remains effective in carrying the recovery message.

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Group conscience meetings are usually held monthly. Some of the questions a typical group business meeting addresses are: Is the group effective in carrying the NA message? Are newcomers being made welcome? Do solutions for problems at recent meetings need to be sought? Is the meeting format providing sufficient direction? Is attendance steady or growing? Are there good relations between the group and the facility in which the meeting is held?

Are the group s funds being used wisely? Are literature and coffee supplies holding up? Is there a service vacancy in the group? Has the area, the region, or the World Service Conference asked the group for advice or support?

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Would a change in the format strengthen the recovery atmosphere? What can we do to make meetings more accessible to more addicts? Narcotics Anonymous is a spiritual program. A group s business meeting should also be spiritual. We need to develop a group conscience during these meetings. Group conscience is the means by which we collectively invite the ongoing guidance of a Higher Power in making decisions. When addicts whose individual conscience has been awakened in the course of working the steps come together to consider service-related questions, either in their NA group or in any service committee meeting, they are prepared to take a part in the development of a group conscience.

We often use the vote as a rough tool for translating that spiritual guidance into clear decisive terms.


Often after following thoughtful attentive discussion, no vote is needed, the group conscience becomes perfectly apparent. This is the spiritual premise of our.

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We need to be ever attentive to it in making servicerelated decisions. Sample Group Business Meeting Agenda Most NA groups business meetings run much more smoothly when a meeting agenda has been planned ahead of time. The following is a suggested sample. Although no two groups are the same, our experience shows that this format can work well for most.

This will help the group do those other things it needs to do in an organized manner. Opening prayer 2. Treasurer s report 5. GSR report 6. Old business items that carried over from previous meeting 7. New business 8. Elections if applicable 9.

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Announcements NA related Closing prayer. Because we are a vast worldwide fellowship, our lines of communication are kept simple and basic with our common welfare as the main link that bonds us together. The following diagram illustrates this process along with some brief descriptions of their various functions.

Any addict may be a member, the only requirement is a desire to stop using. The services that each of us provides are the most important in NA. It is the member who carries our message of recovery and works with others. Without an active membership there would be no need for the rest of the service structure; there would be no NA. The benefits of membership are clear to us all: a drug-free life, the chance to grow, friendship, and freedom from active addiction. However, membership is not without its responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of all members to maintain their personal recovery. Also, it is the responsibility of each of us to share freely our recovery experience, strength and hope with an addict who still suffers, and work to ensure that what was freely given to us remains available to the newcomer and older members alike. Group The gathering together of two or more recovering addicts for the purpose of learning how to live a drug-free life by practicing the principles of NA constitutes an NA meeting. When such a meeting is held regularly, it can become a group.

For more discussion on NA groups, see page The GSR s primary communication responsibility is to represent the group s conscience in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole. This duty requires the representative to provide information to the group about developments in the worldwide NA Fellowship and to share with the area any activities, strengths, or problems of the group. The actual connection may be accomplished in several ways. Some examples are: 1. If actual attendance is not always possible, communications can be accomplished through the mail.

This can include group concerns, group activities, and group conscience votes, as well as the group s participation in other areas of the service structure. If members from the outside NA Fellowship become regular participants of your meeting, one of these may become, if the group wishes, your GSR and attend the ASC as the group representative. In some cases, the ASC may ask to hold the meeting in your facility if possible. Brief Description of an NA Area An area is a collection of groups joined together to further the primary purpose of the member groups and NA as a whole.

This is done by all of the groups working together and taking action according to the conscience of those groups. Many groups are able to accomplish what a single group might find difficult to do on its own. An area service committee ASC is a committee made up of representatives GSRs from groups within a designated area, which meets monthly for the purpose of serving the specific needs of its member groups. This service committee is designed to provide service to its member areas.

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The primary function of an RSC is to unify the areas within its region. Another function is to carry the NA message of recovery through an ever widening circle of resources, i. Its purpose is to be supportive of the fellowship as a whole, and to define and implement the policies of Narcotics Anonymous. The World Service Conference does this by joining the members, groups, areas, and regions into a unified fellowship, by dealing with the problems and the needs of the fellowship, and by actively encouraging the primary purpose and growth of Narcotics Anonymous. This gives individual members the opportunity to address specific issues pertaining to the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous as a whole.

It provides support to the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous in their efforts to provide the opportunity to recover from addiction; and oversees the activities of NA World Services, including our primary service center, the World Service Office. The board also holds in trust for the NA Fellowship the rights for all their physical and intellectual properties which includes literature, logos, trademarks, and copyrights in accordance with the will of the WSC.

Another major function of the WSO is the publication and distribution of literature. Another WSO function is that of public relations. The World Service Office is our fellowship s main service center.

To meet our needs as a growing fellowship, our services need to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible within the spiritual principles of the NA program. Whether it is called a member s anniversary or birthday, it is a joyful marking of a member s personal recovery and a demonstration that the program of Narcotics Anonymous works. These occasions provide an opportunity for the expression of gratitude, strength, and hope that are encouraging to newcomers as well as older members.

Some groups enjoy celebrating the anniversary of their first NA meeting. These anniversaries demonstrate the stability of the group, promote unity between members, and enable all members to celebrate recovery. For this occasion, some groups choose to hold an open meeting with Narcotics Anonymous speakers and invite others to share in their new drug-free way of life. Chips and Keytags or Records Commemorative chips and keytags are not appropriate in some institutional meetings for a variety of reasons; more important, we do not compromise a member s anonymity due to a loss of continuous clean time.

This also applies to groups keeping any records of NA members names, clean-time dates, or attendance at meetings. Chips and keytags are available see literature order form , if the group wants and is able to make them available.